We invite you to cooperation

The Polish Osteoporosis Portal (PPO) was established by the Polish Society of Osteoarthrology (PTOA) in cooperation with the Department of Bone and Joint Diseases, Jagiellonian University Coll. Med. in 2003. The aim of the PPO is to disseminate knowledge and information about osteoporosis and other bone and joint diseases for doctors, patients and interested persons.

PPO's activity is based on the PTOA statute. It is a social enterprise, not a commercial one. PPO collects scientific and popular science data in electronic form and makes them available on its website. Currently, we have a library of several thousand domestic and foreign articles in electronic form. The library contains summaries of PTOA and PFO osteoporosis conventions and their photographic documentation since 1994. All materials are available online for free. The department for doctors requires a separate login in accordance with the Pharmaceutical Law. Doctors receive an electronic bulletin containing current information from the country and abroad. Currently, the number of regular users is 6, and the number of page views is about 000 per month.

SPECIFICATION (valid until 31.12.2021/XNUMX/XNUMX)

1. Official Sponsor of the Portal
The PPO places the Sponsor's logo with the annotation "Portal Sponsor" on the main page. We provide the connection of the link provided by the Sponsor. We provide separate links for patients and doctors.

2. Display advertising package
The PPO proposes placing drug advertisements in accordance with the Pharmaceutical Law.

3. Electronic mailing
Every 2-3 months, the Editorial Board of the Portal sends an E-bulletin to approx. 6000 doctors, which contains substantive content, to which a sponsored text may be attached. E-newsletters are available on the portal.

4. Sponsored articles
We encourage you to send original Polish scientific articles or reprints from foreign literature on the topic that interests you. Articles will be placed on our website in PDF format.

Looking forward to fruitful cooperation, I remain with respect,
Chairman of the Scientific Council
Prof. dr hab. Edward Czerwinski, MD