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Progress in Osteoporosis Volume 15 Issue 2 – już dostępny!

Zahęcamy do zapoznania się z kolejnym przeglądem literatury o tematyce osteoporozy i chorób kości przygotowywanym pod okiem Prof. Ego Seeman.

Przegląd dostępny jest dla zalogowanych użytkowników strony  IOF pod adresem www.

W tym numerze:
1. The Burden of Fractures is Increasing
2. Microdamage: Location and mechanisms

3. Crack Crack and the Hierarchical Design of Bone

4. Collagen Structure and Mineralization
5. Trabecular BV/TV: An important determinant of stiffness
6. Treatment of Structural Deterioration in Renal Disease
7. Antisclerostin Antibody Prevents Structural Decay After Spinal Cord Injury
8. Atypical Fractures and Femoral Bowing
9. PTH Remodels Bisphosphonate Out of Bone
10. How Do Osteoclast Precursors Speak to Osteoblast Lineage Cells?

11. How Do Osteoclasts Become Multinucleated?
Macrophage Cells: A neglected participant in the cellular machinery of bone
13. TGFβ: One of many factors coupling resorption and formation

14. Sphingosine-1-phosphate in Osteocytic Mechanotransduction

15. Vestibular Signals and Bone Remodeling: An unlikely coupling

16. Bisphosphonates and Denosumab

17. Denosumab and Long-term Fracture Risk Reduction: A result seeking a control
18. Men Receiving Androgen Deprivation Therapy and Fracture Risk
19. Improved Initiation of Therapy After Hip Fracture

20. Bisphosphonate Antifracture Efficacy in Men

21. Vitamin D Metabolites Are Weakly Associated With Bone Density

22. Combining Antiresorptives and Anabolics

23. Tissue Mineral Density and PTH Administration

24. Bone Water: A guide to porosity

25. Toughness of Bone

26. Risedronate in Breast Cancer

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